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D&D Beastiary
Deep below the Garinthian Castle lies The Beastiary. Somebody let the Beasts loose and you can try playing one. This dream introduces my D&D Monster patch. Among the disturbing creatures you can be are Gargoyles, Spiders, Wyverns and other Demons. For fun it also includes the Mage Wars D&D Magic Core in additional you have a non-magical attack.
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This is the 1st D&D module using the Mage Wars system. The City of Garinthia will feature shops to purchase items but the best feature is the Garinthian Castle and it's many forboding dungeons. There is plenty of quests and ways to gain gold and also ways to perish. For more information go to the Garinthia page.
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Mage Wars
This dream is a magic-user spell casting arena. The spells are loosely based on Official Dungeons & Dragons 3rd Edition rules. There are 3 spellbooks Levels 1 - 3 with 4 spells each. There is also a SLOWER dead-end tangent version with Hit Points that I got here . For more information goto the Mage Wars page.
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D&D Character Classes
This dream will showcase my D&D People patch. It will include the standard fare of Dungeons & Dragons player types like Fighter, Thief, Sorcerer and Cleric. For fun it will also include the Mage Wars magic core.
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D&D MODULES - Using the Mage Wars magic core system.

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