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This was my first dream design. I wanted to see just how different looking you could make a dream without using a patch. This dream is super-fast loading and perfect for a unique personal chat area.
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Athlor's RAVE
This was my second dream but the first to use patches. I did most of the new graphics myself. The idea was inspired by several dance club dreams and I took it to the next level. Of course the rave had to be in a warehouse. It has a disco floor, flashing floodlights and a manual floodlight for impact. Eight excellent XG midi songs are included to keep them furre's dancing all night long.
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This dream was inspired by a combat bot I saw being used in a dream. I thought it could be done better without a bot. The arena allows only 2 furres to enter and you have to physically try to hit the opponent while trying to dodge. It then randomly rolls whether your hit did damage and updates the HP left. The 1st player to reach 0 is ejected from the arena and triumphant music for the victor. The game resets when the winner leaves the arena. FINALLY, debugged and uploaded! Super-fast loading!
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Athlor's Cemetery
This was my third dream and even though it has patches it is still fast loading. It even has the occasional owl hooting and wolf howling for atmosphere. These graphics I snagged from a single screenshot of a game except for the fence which I made.
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Updated: 2-25-2003 by Athlor