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Star Trek Battles
On a different tangent, this dream features my Star Trek ship player patch. The ships were rendered using trueSpace. The map is maximum-sized because it represents the entire galaxy, divided into 4 quadrants. You start with a Phaser and the ability to cloak. You may find other objects that are useful too! There are also a few spacial anomalies thrown in as well. Team up or go it alone!
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Carnage And Anarchy
This is kind of the EVIL version of Phaser Tag. 3 weapons include a phaser, flamethrower and machine gun. All feature the new bullet-proof weapon routine using Mage Rooster's 'Furre Is Solid' technique as suggested by Guardhorse. The black stone floors are safe areas. Also has an Electric chair in the center for Frying your furre fiends, err...friends.
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Phaser Tag
The first Laser Tag dream on Furcadia and the code was done before the update went online. A dream where chaos and arnarchy reign. 3 weapons include a phaser, flamethrower and plasma bombs. The gray stone floors are safe areas. Have fun and die. I plan on updating this dream and use the bullet-proof 'furre is solid' routines that Carnage And Anarchy and on use now.
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The concept of a theme park has been done before but never with graphics like this. The rollercoaster pieces were snagged from Rollercoaster Tycoon. It also has a 4 furre Furre-Go-Round and 8 furre Furre-Lift. This ride I never seen before but thought it was a good idea and works well. The DS code is as tight as possible but still may be laggy with a dozen or more furres in the dream at the same time. If I ever come back to this dream, I'd like to add a real wave pool that tosses a furre up noticably when the wave goes by.
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The Borg Bar
This dream is odd but with unique Borgish graphics. It includes a bomb layer for fun that drops a bomb when you USE it (ctrl-u). It has a 5 second delay and can kill you like walking into the force field. Death really just sends you to the Borg Regeneration Chamber.
Main Menu   Download [417,088 bytes]
FURRE-KARTS - This dream is going to have you driving around on go-karts! Half will be dirt tracks with real jumps that lift you in the air. The other half with be city streets. I may add a part where getting into an accident takes you to a hospital. Note: I scrambled the palette with the color switcher that it would be a major project to fix it, almost as easy as starting over. I doubt I'll get back to it for awhile and may upload the dream with the player patch as is!

FURRE BAND - It turns out the unpredictable ping delays makes realtime musical interaction virtually impossible.

KARATE FIGHTING - Two players will enter the ring and fight until you lose your Hit Points. You'll have a chop, kick and spin kick move and they'll be smoothly animated. The player patch will give everyone the same size body, karate uniform and replace lying down with an honorable bow. It too will use the Mage Rooster Technique for detecting your opponent.

SWORD FIGHTING - Two players fight to the death in a Gladitorial Ring. This dream will also feature smooth move animations.

WAR STRAGETY - Players will compete against each other in a simplified WarCraft-like game.

DR. WHO - Travel through time with the Doctor, Daleks and K9.

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Updated: 3-5-2003 by Athlor