Athlor's Dream Depository

Hey Hey, Athlor here... Welcome to my Furcadian Dream Depository. Feel free to download my dreams and even use the graphics in your own as well. It's my philosophy to share all my work and make it entirely freeware and any kind of credit is entirely optional. Better graphics can only help Furcadia as a whole. Personally I think some furres are much too rabid over their graphics and have lost perspective. If somebody could actually produce a better idea or game using my graphics, I wouldn't stiffle their creativity.
NOTICE: Since I've read that simple changable player stats are not on the priority list, I decided to develope my own MMORPG system. NeoRealm, like Furcadia, uses isometric graphics but will have the whole set of Dungeons and Dragons player stats, have a larger map area, smooth-scrolling graphics and have it's own server so you can run your own world. It's in an early alpha (not-totally functional) stage and you you check it out at: NeoRealm Site

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Updated: 1-6-2004 by Athlor Hey!